Phase 1 Complete : What's Next For Kinetics?

Since October 2019 we have been collaborting and dedicating time towards this project as a group and were fortunate enough to be funded in part by The Arts Council to help begin developing this technology.

The first phase of this project (Phase 1) is now complete as we have working prototypes of the technology needed and are beginning work on the finished Dodo puppet. This has been very fulfilling to see over a years worth of work come together and we are very keen to move forward with Phase 2 of Kinetics.

Phase 2 will enable us to continue developing this enabling technology and push our professional boundaries with mechanisms such as breathing ribcages, voice controlled systems and tracking sensors. We are in the planning stages of what 2021 will bring for Kinetics, and also awaiting decisions on this phase of funding.

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog page to see all future updates as we continue working and pushing this project forward together!