We've been comissioned many times over the years to develop some more intricate and professional puppet designs for use in TV & Film. These designs can range from small detailed creatures with thousands of hand-punched feathers, to wall mounted animatronic props, to large mascot suits with blinking eyes and cooling systems.

These designs will typically take much longer to discuss and create, and normally will include more complicated processes and materials.

All of our more high end puppet designs can been seen in our Portfolio

We can make a completely custom puppet according to your design! We love to bring our clients ideas to life, creating new characters and deveoping new processes. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas and we can talk you through the processes involved in creating a custom puppet. We can provide a full design service with virtual meetings, sketches, 3D renderings and even physical mock ups to ensure your build is of the highest quality.

Check out our gallery page for examples of previous builds, and our testimonials page to hear what our customers have had to say!

We can provide an on-set service for your productions and have worked on several locations and sets with our designs. These services can include:

    - Puppet wrangling (looking after designs, keeping them clean and looking their best during filming. Performing quick repairs between shots.)

      - Animatronic assitance (operating mechanisms for scenes, looking after and repairing animatronic systems and wrangling the characters)

        - Demonstrate and advise your crew on the best way to use the puppets for filming.


          Over the years we have been asked to attend events and conferences to share our knowledge and experience about puppetry, animatronics and performance. We were invited to speak at a robotics conference in Finland where we shared insight into 'Bringing the inanimate to life' and discuss simple ways to incorporate realistic eyes and expressions into their robots.

          We are also planning to develop several online training sessions to give more insight into our processes such as 3D printing, foam work and even finishing our puppets with airbrushed details.

          We have also taught workshops on puppetry, as well as hosted training days for companies learning to use our animatronic designs for performances.

          Get in touch if you would like the FurriFingers team to attend your event or support your performers.


          We have always wanted to push the limits of puppetry, and moving features was something we knew we wanted to develop. Since investing in our first 3D printed in 2017 we have been constantly pushing the boundaries with our puppets and now have 10 high-tech machines which run pretty much 24/7. These printers have allowed us to develop countless mechanisms and puppet eyes that we've been able to send around the world, some being used for productions in TV, film and theatres! 

          We had the honour of developing LED moving eye systems for two puppets used in the Little Mermaid Live Action show in 2019.

          Get in touch if you would like to discuss any of our animatronics or if you have an idea for your own mechanism!


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