We make professional and bespoke puppets as well as puppet components with over 20 years experience in making, designing and even performing. We use the highest quality materials and design processes to produce our designs. Some of which are being used around the world, in TV, film, theatres and even Universities specialising in Robotics.

We began in 2014 by creating our original design ‘snozzlepuss’ puppet for a webseries we created based on Dartmoor. After filming the webseries, we decided to try and sell these puppets online and quickly discovered an interest in our designs, and the rest is history!
We have expanded our range over the years, creating completely bespoke puppets for clients all around the world!
After a few years of creating our puppets and struggling to find solutions for realistic and professional looking eyes, we took matters into our own hands! We wanted our puppets to have even more expression and individuality, and decided to invest in a 3D printer, which quickly turned into 10! This has enabled us to print our own completely bespoke eye systems. Our products now range from fully animatronic blinking kits to features such as horns, teeth and irises. You can shop all of our eyes and features now!
And why not get in touch with us to comission your very own FurriFingers puppet!



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