Weekly Zoom Progress Meetings

Throughout the entire process of this project we have collaborated together as two companies with weekly zoom meetings and brainstorm sessions, as well as frequent emails with ideas and progress photos. This has been a difficult aspect of the project, as some of our developments needed to be tailor fitted to the performer/artist who will be wearing it, therefore certain parts (body, head) have had to be sent to our partners who are currently sheilding.

This has added a lot of time to the project as parts are evaluated and redesigned remotely, and we look forward to the day when this project can be conducted in person again.

We also had the pleasure of inviting BJ Guyer to join an update meeting of ours over zoom to show him the progress of our project and share our plans with him. That was a really exciting opportunity for us and we are keen to share more of our progress with him and others in the puppetry community very soon.