3D Printing and Prototype Tests.

Once we were happy with our 3D rendered design and we had shared it with our collaborators, we imported it into the programme MeshMixer to turn the 3D image into a file that could be printed.

We initially created a skull using Resin to test the shape, before setting a larger scale print going using PLA to test the size. This took several attempts as some of the sizes weren't perfect, and so we kept going until we got one we were all happy with. We realised that the head had to be a certain size to be able to mount the camera eyes properly, without being too large or too heavy for the artist to wear.

Due to the restrictions of lockdown, we did find this process more difficult than if we had been able to meet in person, so we sent the printed skulls to Clare at Broken Puppet for review and regularly met over zoom for brainstorming.